05 November 2011

Testing, testing...

This is probably going to be a very occasional thing...

Here's a picture of the way the tax-transfer system's treatment of a single person with an income in the range $0 to $200,000 a year has changed between the date of the last election and 30 September 2011.

The private income is in current (September 2011) dollars, on a CPI adjusted basis.

So, what's this telling us?  Not a lot at this early stage, but we can see that the lack of tax cuts in the current term of government has caused an increase in real terms in the amount of tax paid compared to what was payable at an equivalent income in August last year.  That means less disposable income in real terms.

On its own that might not amount to much, but consider how singles such as this fared over the previous two governments - Rudd-Gillard and the final Howard term.

Here's a picture for that story...

There are many reasons why this might be so (the flood/cyclone levy and the GFC for example) but I do wonder whether this difference in results has been noticed by the hip pocket nerve.   If it has, to what extent has that affected perceptions about the current Government?

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